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Hyper Flywheel has a dozen creation experts from around the world. Everyone works together to deliver the most innovative and effective results for our clients. We're proud to be strategist-led agency, transforming the way businesses think about their customer experience and do business online.  

Hyper Flywheel is the result on our Founder's twenty years in leading digital engagements in marketing agencies, Fortune 500 companies, hyper-growth startups.

Michael Beaton, Principal & Strategy Director at Hyper Flywheel, LLC

Michael Beaton

Meet Michael, our Founder and Strategy Director. With twenty years of experience across a wide spectrum of companies, he has seen what works in digital marketing, e-commerce, and digital transformation. He has grown an e-Commerce company by 60X in three years, brought some of the largest automotive and financial services firms online, and served as digital marketing leader at a Fortune 500 Financial Services company. And, it's thinking and these frameworks that he is bringing to Hyper Flywheel's clients.

Michael lives in Roswell, GA. With two young boys, he doesn't get a lot of spare time. But, when he does, he lives and breathes University of Michigan Football and Basketball. Go Blue!

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